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Top 3 Restaurants: Greenwich Village, NYC

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

With so many options, the restaurant scene in NYC can be intimidating. But to a self proclaimed foodie, the restaurant scene is the best part of living in New York!

I want to share my love of food (and eating out) with my readers so I picked my top 3 restaurants in Greenwich Village. My list consists of a Brazilian restaurant, a Mexican restaurant, and an Italian restaurant. I hope this variety allows everyone to find something they are looking for!

1. Berimbau Brazilian Kitchen

43 Carmine Street

According to Caroline, my Brazilian roommate, Berimbau Brazilian Kitchen has the best Brazilian food in NYC. The restaurant has a cute Caipirinha bar. I ordered the Mango Caiprinha and Caroline got the Passion Fruit Caiprinha. For an appetizer, we split the pão de queijo, which is a cheese bread. For dinner, we got vegan stroganoff, feijoada vegan, collard greens, beans, and rice.

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2. Burrito Loco

166 W. 4th Street

My friends and I found Burrito Loco in 2017 when we were young, unpaid interns balling on a budget. Five years later and with an actual salary, I still consider Burrito Loco one of my favorite restaurants because of their endless margarita list, unlimited chips and salsa, and their delicious tacos!


3. Olio E Piú

3 Greenwich Ave

My third favorite Greenwich Village restaurant is Olio E Piú, a cute little Italian restaurant. The menu is a tad pricey, so its great to go when celebrating a special occasion. The last time I was there, I ordered the lemoncello shrimp ravioli and my friend, Madi, ordered the Spaghetti Chitarra Alla Carbonara.


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