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One Day in Annecy, France

If you look through travel Pinterest boards as much as I do, there is a good chance you have seen a lot of pictures of Annecy, France. The cobblestone streets and the colorful houses makes Annecy one of the most beautiful places to visit. It also makes it one of the best places for travel bloggers to take photos.

To get to Annecy from Geneva, you can take a 40 minute bus ride. I brought my passport because we were crossing borders but my passport was never checked. It was like driving from New Jersey to Pennsylvania!

I visited Annecy in December and it was a tad chilly but still enjoyable. When I got too cold I would go into a store or try a french pastry like macaroons or crepes.

The great thing about visiting Annecy is that you can see all of the tourist attractions in one day and still have time to walk around at a leisurely pace.

The map below shows all of the attractions on the bucket list, excluding the Christmas market. When the Christmas market is open, it is located in the center of Old Town. Every attraction is within 0.5 miles, making it a very walkable town!

To get the bucket list in a different color, request it here.

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