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The Do's and Don'ts of Moving to NYC


  1. DO read over your whole contract. This seems obvious but I want to highlight it because my original contract had the wrong price listed.

  2. DO negotiate your building's price. Most buildings have deals that aren't on their website. Some buildings give a free pass to their gym while other buildings will give you a month of free rent if you sign for over a year.

  3. DO make sure the outlet works before your wifi is set up. When Verizon came to my apartment we chose to put our wifi in our living room. What we didn't know was that the outlet we chose to use was connected to the light switch. Now anytime someone accidentally hits the wrong lights we lose our wifi...not great while WFH.

  4. DO tip the doorman/person that helps you move in. Most doormen make the majority of their money through tips so it's important to pay them after they help you. Especially if they are carrying heavy furniture!

  5. DO plan a break to get food. Moving is crazy and if you are anything like me you will forget to eat. Make a reservation to celebrate your new home and get out of the apartment for a little.


  1. Do NOT move in the same day as your roommates. Apartments in New York City are tiny so there is not room for everyone to unpack their stuff at once.

  2. Do NOT have furniture delivered the same day your flex walls go up. Again, this will put way to many people in your apartment.

  3. Do NOT schedule someone to build all of your furniture on Handy, Task Rabbit, ect. These apps overcharge and the person building the furniture doesn't even make all the money. Instead, use the app and hire someone to build one piece of furniture. If you are comfortable with them in your home, ask if they will build everything else for cash. That way it is cheaper for you and the builder makes more money.

  4. Lastly, do NOT panic. Moving is stressful but in the end, everything will get done!!

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