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Moving to Minnesota

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

In August of 2019, my dad was named general manager of the Minnesota Wild. The picture on the left is my siblings and me at my Dad's press conference. For the first few months my dad was working, my mom packed up our house in Pittsburgh. In December of 2019, the house in Pittsburgh sold and my mom moved with my dad to a beautiful apartment in Minneapolis.

During this time, Grace was going to school in Pennsylvania, Liam and Lexi were going to school in Connecticut, and I was going to school in England. Since none of the kids were living at home, my parents down-sized. The apartment they rented had amazing amenities such as a gym, hot tub, and study areas. These areas made the apartment seem so much bigger because we could spread out during the day when we visited.

During Christmas break, my siblings and I visited my parents in their new apartment. Even though it was close living quarters, we utilized the amenities and made the best of it. We loved Minneapolis because there was a lot to do in the city. Our family went to hockey games, went out to dinner, and went shopping in the North Loop. After about two weeks in Minneapolis, we all went back to school.

Like many students, my siblings and I found ourselves unexpectedly living with our parents during the Coronavirus pandemic. The amenities in the new apartment shut down to prevent the spread of the virus. On top of that, the government required that all the restaurants and stores shut down. My parents' wonderful apartment all of a sudden started to feel too small for our large family.

I spent four weeks walking the trails in Minneapolis when I needed a break from the apartment and my family. When living in the apartment with six people and two dogs became too hectic and overwhelming, my family decided to go to New Jersey.

Two days after my family was safely in New Jersey, George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis, three miles from our apartment. The peaceful protests quickly changed into riots and a lot of the buildings were burned to the ground. Violence in the city spiked and our apartment building was no longer safe.

My parents made the decision to go move out of the apartment and look for a house in the suburbs. After looking at dozens of houses, my parents found their dream house in Wayzata, Minneapolis.

Since November 8, 2020, I have been living in Minnesota. Even though I can't explore Wayzata as much as I would like due to Covid-19 restrictions, I have been able to experience parts of Minnesotan culture that is not impacted by coronavirus. Below is a list of my favorite things Minnesota has to offer.


1. Land of 10,000 Rinks

Minnesota is known as "Land of 10,000 Lakes." Supposedly, Minnesota is one of the best places to spend the summer because the lake life is incredibly fun. Although I have not spent a summer in Minnesota, I have already begun to appreciate the lakes.

Rather than spending the winter indoors, Minnesotans go outside for walks, ice fishing, or skating, even in freezing temperatures. One of the best things about Minnesota is that all 10,000 lakes become ice rinks in the winter.

My family and I live walking distance from Grays Bay on Lake Minnetonka so when the lake freezes we have a skating rink, basically in our backyard.


2. Caribou Coffee

In Minnesota, the best coffee shop is Caribou Coffee. I must say, it is way better than Starbucks or Dunkin'.

If you are anything like me and prefer your coffee to have more milk than actual coffee in it, I highly recommend ordering the "Caramel High Rise." During the holiday season, the "Fa La Latte" is also great. If you are not in the mood for coffee, the "Chai Tea Latte" is fantastic.


3. Boom Park

Located in the center of Minneapolis, Boom Park is an amazing park to hang out in during the warmer months. When my family was still living in the apartment, we went to the park for outdoor picnics. My brother and I also used to tie hammocks to the trees at the top of the hill to do homework on days we wanted out of the apartment.


4. Luce Line State Trail

Luce Line State Trail is a great place to run, bike, or walk. The trail runs along several of the lakes and in the middle of the woods. Since there are several places to park your car, the trail is usually busy, which makes the trail feel very safe.


5. Stone Arch Bridge

The Stone Arch Bridge is a pedestrian only bridge in Minneapolis that goes over the Mississippi River. When it is warm, the bridge is packed with people. On the left is a picture of my brother on an abandon rail road track located close to Stone Arch Bridge. The picture below was taken from here.


6. Lunds and Byerlys

Lunds and Byerlys is the main grocery store in Minnesota. It may seem weird that it is on my list of my favorite Minnesota things but now that restaurants are shut down, I find myself in the pre-made section of groceries stores quite a bit. They have everything from Mexican street corn to chicken and wild rice soup. Unlike most grocery stores, Lunds and Byerlys also has sushi grade tuna which makes for amazing homemade sushi bowls.

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