• Kayla

Getaway Cabin - Minnesota

Looking for a gift for your bestie? Then check out the Getaway Cabins, located all over the United States!

My boyfriend and I stayed in one of the cabins outside of Minneapolis in early January 2022. I was a little nervous while driving to the cabin since it was below freezing outside but I was happily surprised when we got there and the heat was already turned on for us.

The cabin was the perfect size and had everything we needed, including two queen beds, a cell phone lock box, a kitchen table, a stove, shower, and a mini fridge. It was also stocked with books, a radio, and playing cards so we did not have to pack much.

While we were there, we made a charcuterie board for dinner and used the tea and hot chocolate supplied by Getaway (for a small fee). Since it was dark by the time we arrived we waited to start a fire in the morning.

The Getaway Cabin offered my boyfriend and I a nice escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. The cell phone lock box encouraged us to disconnect and truly enjoy our time in the woods together. I would highly recommend renting a cabin for a night, especially if you are looking to release stress.

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