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29 Hours in Dublin, Ireland

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Question: What do you do after 5:00pm lacrosse practice on Friday night and 7:00am lacrosse practice on Monday morning?

Answer: Visit Dublin, Ireland.

September 20, 2019

Before lacrosse practice, I packed the smallest carry-on bag possible to take on a quick trip to Ireland. My friends, Kat, Elise, Teagan, Maggie, and I found round-trip tickets from the Newcastle airport to the Dublin airport for $50 on Ryan Air. It was my first time flying Ryan Air so I read the reviews, which consisted of angry customers complaining that they were charged lots of money for bringing a carry-on that was too big.

When we first stepped onto the plane I felt proud. This was the first international trip I paid for with my own money. Unfortunately, the feeling passed and I quickly became annoyed. Our flight was delayed by an hour, which meant I would have one less hour in Ireland.

After what felt like hours of sitting on the plane, we finally took off. The plane landed around 10:00pm and we were in the Uber at 10:30pm. We got to the apartment at 11:00pm and our group had a slight disagreement over our plans. Some people wanted to get a good night sleep for the day ahead of us while other people (me) were dying to go to Temple Bar.

After very little persuasion, the whole group agreed we should go out for "Just one Guinness," at Temple Bar.

However, "Just one Guinness," quickly turned into multiple drinks and lots of live music. My friends and I stayed at the bar for hours, socializing with other tourists also enjoying the great atmosphere. We ended the night around 3:00am.


September 21, 2019

Despite the long night and the lack of sleep we got the night before, we were up and moving in the morning. By 9:00am the whole group was dressed, drinking coffee, and preparing for the long day of sight seeing ahead of us.

At 10:30am, we ate breakfast at Groundstate Coffee. Afterwards, we walked around the area before our 12:00pm appointment at the The Guinness Storehouse.

When our appointment time came, we were able to cut the line and go directly to the elevator that lead us to the attractions. We saw "our brewing story," "world of advertising," "cooperage & transport," and the "Arthur Guinness story." During the Arthur Guinness story, we were given a free (with the price of admission) baby glass bottle of Guinness.

With our admission ticket, we also had the opportunity to choose one activity to do, without paying extra. Our group chose "The Guinness Academy," and were taught how to pour a Guinness like a true professional.

At the end of our self lead tour, we went to The Gravity Bar, at the top of The Guinness Storehouse.

After The Guinness Storehouse, we explored the city of Dublin. First we got take out lunch from a little cafe by Saint Patrick's Cathedral. Since it was a beautiful day, we ate in the lawn outside of the Cathedral. Next, we walked to Christ Church Cathedral and then the Castle.

Afterwards, my friends and I went to a local supermarket to grab food for dinner. We quickly ate in our apartment and then headed back to Temple Bar. We spent the rest of the night bar hopping in the area.


September 22, 2019

We left our Airbnb at 5:00am to catch our 7:00am flight back to Newcastle. Ugh.

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