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Annecy Fantasy

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Kat and I visited Annecy, France for the day during our trip to Geneva, Switzerland. Below is a recap of our trip!



1. Vieille-Ville (Old Town) Annecy

Annecy is a cute alpine town located in Southeastern France. The Vieille-Ville, which translates to old town, looks like a page from a storybook. It has cobblestone streets, colorful houses, and canals on every street. The town sits on Lake Annecy, which is crystal clear and has stunning views of the mountains. A big portion of Kat's and my trip was wondering aimlessly around town, trying to take in the beauty.


2. Palais de L'isle

The Palais de L'isle is located in the center of Vieille-Ville. The building's shape matches the shape of the tiny island it sits on. The Palais de L'isle is one of the most popular attractions in Annecy.


3. Rue Sainte Claire Market

On certain days, Annecy hosts a farmers market where people set up stands to sell fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats. Kat and I walked around this section of town for a bit.


4. Pont Des Amours (Lovers Bridge)

By the end of the semester, Kat and I learned that almost every city we visited had a "Lovers Bridge." The Annecy bridge was unique because it was on crystal clear water and overlooked the mountain.

The bridge was only a 0.3 mile walk from town, which made it easy to get to. One bonus of visiting the bridge is that you can also visit the Les Jardins de L'Europe. Rather than cutting through the garden and going directly to the bridge, Kat and I took the longer path. I am happy we did this because we got to see the lake from a different perspective and go on the docks. Our route is in the map below.


5. La Marche de Noel - The Annecy Christmas Market

If you ever visit Annecy in December, I highly recommend going to their annual Christmas market, which is located in the middle of town. The highlight of the Christmas market was that the man selling Oysters, who gave me two oysters for free.



1. Cafe des Dues

For lunch, I had creamy soup from Cafe des Dues to warm up. I also had a sandwich that the waiter recommended, however, I do not remember the name of either of the foods I ate. What I do remember is that both the soup and the sandwich were incredible.

2. Rose Des Neiges

Since we were in France, Kat and I wanted to try French macaroons. We got a couple at Rose Des Neiges and we split a croissant. I also got a cup of tea and Kat got a hot chocolate.

3. La Bolée

Although we already ate dessert at Rose Des Neiges, Kat and I believed it was necessary to have a crepe in France. We went to La Bolée and split an apple and cinnamon crepe.



To get to Annecy, Kat and I took a 50 minute bus from Geneva. The bus was almost empty so we got to have our own rows and spread out a little. Even though we crossed border lines, we did not need to bring our passport.

On the way home, Kat and I had some issues. We did not know that the Flixbus company was on strike and some of the drivers, including ours, were not showing up to their routes in France. It did not help that all the trains from Annecy to Geneva were all cancelled for the night.

A man working in the bus terminal advised that we wait outside for buses going to Geneva. After two and a half hours of asking bus drivers if we could buy a new ticket to Geneva, we finally gave up. Since we did not have another way of getting to our Airbnb, we had to Uber. Although sitting in an Uber is more comfortable than a bus, I was slightly annoyed that we had to spend the extra money.

The worst part of the whole situation is that FlixBus refused to give us our money back, even after I called customer service and explained the situation. A few other groups were in our same position and did not receive a refund.

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