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A Day in King Edward's Bay

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Yearning for a break from school, Kat, Elise, and I took a spontaneous trip to King Edward's Bay in Tynemouth, England. Despite our lack of planning, visiting the beach ended up being one of my favorite days in England. Below is a list of recommendations for anyone visiting!


1. Riley's Fish Shack

One of my favorite foods in the world is oysters. I have been lucky to eat fresh oysters several times in the United States but my absolute favorite place in the world to eat them is at Riley's Fish Shack in King Edward's Bay.

I had half a dozen oysters cooked three different ways at Riley's Fish Shack. If I could go back in time, I would tell myself to order at least a dozen, because they were that delicious.

Taking food out of the equation, I would go back to Riley's Fish Shack again just because of the location and the ambience of the place. It was right on the beach so it had great views and positive vibes. The restaurant was also located right next to the castle.


2. The Castle

Similar to Riley's Fish Shack, the Tynemouth Priory and Castle was in a great location. It was about a five minute walk from the train station, making it super easy to get to. It was located on top of a cliff over looking the ocean, which made for great scenery.

Kat, Elise, and I decided not to buy tickets to enter the castle but I believe we were able to still have a great experience while visiting.


3. Tynemouth Market

Right as you exit the train in Tynemouth, vendors are set up selling local foods and hand crafted art at the market. Kat, Elise, and I did not know about the market so when we got off of the train we were delighted to see all of the vendors. We spent about 30 minutes walking around.

Although I did not snap any photos of the Tynemouth Market, I was able to get one photo of the neighborhood surrounding the market.

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