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3 Girls Quarantined

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

When Corona Virus first became a threat in Europe, my roommates, Kat and Elise, and I made the decision to stay in the United Kingdom rather than coming home to the United States.

Knowing we would be stuck in our apartment indefinitely, we stocked up on food and games to keep us busy. Although we had quarantine all planned out, we did not realize how severe COVID-19 was during the beginning stages of the pandemic.

On March 19, 2020, the United States declared every country a 'Level 4' travel zone, which meant that every American was supposed to return home immediately. Devastated and scared, Kat, Elise and I booked plane tickets for March 21, 2020.

Even though Kat, Elise, and I were upset to leave the United Kingdom, we were happy that we had the opportunity to quarantine for two weeks together in Ocean City, New Jersey. Wanting to make the best of our time, we planned fun events in the house, cooked fancy dinners, and created a joint Instagram account. Below is the top ten moments we shared while quarantining, along with some of my favorite pictures.


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